Your Health, Covered

Simply smart healthcare. That’s Healthrive™. Our next-level telemedicine services make getting and staying healthy a seamless part of your everyday.

Spend Sick Days Getting Better, Not at a Doctor’s Office

The good news? 70–80% of physicians’ office visits can be handled with a virtual visit. Instead of racing to a doctor’s office and waiting long hours, get the care you need at home. Connect online or on the phone with one of our 900 affiliated, certified physicians nationwide.

You will be able to receive:


medical evaluations


treatment plans


prescription drugs


radiology orders


laboratory orders


concierge support

Our Network

Healthrive is a subscription, membership-based healthcare plan that allows clients access to doctors in our network. Healthrive was created to empower physicians to practice more efficiently and effectively. Contact us today for more details how we can help your company save money and improve employee production.  




What Our Doctors Say

“The healthcare industry is changing so rapidly that we often lose focus on what is most important, you. At Healthrive our focus is on the patient and your wellbeing. We know if you thrive in health, you win at life.”

– Ian Johnson M.D.

Medical Director

Healthcare Concierge

If you require a more personal approach to your healthcare, our concierge will help you decide if you need urgent care, telemedicine, or even an emergency room. Confused about a bill? Need help scheduling an appointment? We’ve got it covered!