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Healthrive™ consists of a team of physicians and healthcare professionals who knew there had to be a better path to feeling good and living healthier. We knew our patients were tired of the broken insurance system, rushed doctor’s visits, and the time-consuming process of getting something as simple as a prescription filled. So, we created a new model of healthcare.

  • Simplified healthcare subscription service
  • Leverage modern technology and telemedicine
  • Centralized mobile app and advanced remote diagnostic tools
  • Efficient and convenient care for patients
  • Nutrition, mental health, fitness, and self-care—all a foundation for a happier, healthier life.
  • Holistic approach to health, one that sets new standards for positive patient outcomes.


Democratize quality healthcare and inspire people to live healthy. Healthrive is an affordable, approachable health care solution that gives you the tools and resources to live and stay healthy. 


Our mission is to empower people to live their healthiest, fullest lives by eliminating the barriers to quality healthcare and providing tools and resources to foster wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services to I get by joining Healthrive?

Healthrive provides physician visits via in-home, online, and text. You also get discounted lab and radiology testing when approved by the doctor.

Can I purchase an individual membership?

Currently, you can only purchase Healthrive through our partners.

What can be performed during a house call?

Our providers are able to do a complete physical exam, wellness exam, strep and flu test. 

What can be treated via telemedicine?

Our providers are able to diagnose and treat common illness such as urinary tract infection, influenza, bronchitis, ear infections, skin infections, STI’s and more.

What can concierge do?

Our comprehensive concierge associates are able to coordinate your healthcare journey.  From arranging doctor visits, house calls, and telemedicine visits, they are your sherpaa to feeling better. 

How do I use these services?

Your employer or health plan will mail you your membership card with a dedicated number to call to request services.

Are house calls available in my location?

House calls are available in selected locations.  Please check with our concierge to see if they are offered in your location. 

What medications do you NOT prescribe?

Our Healthrive providers do not prescribe or dispense narctoics/controlled substances for pain, anxiety, weight-loss, sleep, ADHD/ADD, anabolic steriods, testosterone replacement therapy and any medication that contains pseudoephedrine.

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